How To Install Skype in Fedora 15?

Despite the fact the Microsoft recently purchased Skype... yet it is one of the most widely used VOIP applications in the GNU/Linux community without a doubt. As with Ubuntu, installing Skype in Fedora Core ain't that hard actually. All you gotta do is just download the package from official Skype page and double click on it to install.

Or you can use the previously mentioned Easy Life GUI tool that lets you install almost all major proprietary software in Fedora Core 15 with ease.  If you're a total GNU/Linux geek, then you can ditch Skype and install the cool SFLPhone (a simple yet powerful VOIP utility) but if your "partner" at the other end doesn't have it... well then, it's pretty much useless.

Anyhow, if you want to install the latest beta version of Skype for GNU/Linux (2.2) in Fedora Core 15, then first download the package from here and simply double click on it and follow the instructions. That's it!.


Anonymous said...

It's Fedora 15, not Fedora Core 15.

Gayan said...


Shi*... thanks dude... wow, it's been while since I first saw it :).. thank you.

Denis Arnaud said...

Thanks for the post.
Note that the "simple" install works only on 32bit systems. For 64bit systems, there is some more work... Tehre are numerous posts about it, though.

Gayan said...


Thank you. So you're an open-source developer... nice blog you have there :).

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