Fedora Core 15 Is Officially Released!

Oh yeah... few minutes ago, Fedora Project developers announced the official availability of the latest version of Fedora Core 15!. As mentioned before, this is one of the main release for FC developers as with Ubuntu Unity because this is the first time where FC users are getting the long awaited Gnome 3 (also known as Gnome Shell) desktop which replaces the, now "old" 2.3+.

With the introduction of Gnome3... which also brings us the GTK3 toolkit for the first time in FC officially as well. Although I won't be going into full details about FC because I've been writing related information for sometime now.

Here are the main hardware requirements for running Fedora Core 15

400Mhz or a faster processor (supports 32/64-bit versions).

Just an image, actual, links below (no disrespect intended at your "common senses" :) )...

768MB or RAM at least (1GB recommended).

10GB of free space (although for the default packages, usually won't need this much .. you can get away with 6GB, I think).

Anyhow, just remember, as I say always, if you find these official downloading servers are pretty damn slow, then I highly recommend you to try this official torrent channel. But remember, the torrents may not be at their full throttle yet since it's been few minutes...

... but seriously, if you have very slow FC servers or can't pause/resume downloads through them, then you should try the Torrens, they're awesome :P. Oh, I almost forgot, congratulations FC developers... you guys are bloody amazing!.

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