How to Install Gnome Music Player Client (GTK2+ written) in Ubuntu?

GNU/Linux is getting heavier by each day. Although you could easily install any GNU/Linux distribution with a low-end (by today's standards) Laptop/PC not that long ago, yet these days, if you don't have at least 512MB or 1GB of RAM, then you might be better off with a "lightweight" destribution.

Even though sometimes it feels like the more system resources an application consumes, better the features it offers, which is a false assumption and is something that is rarely proven. But now and then, we're sometimes confronted by "little" apps that keep reminding us that, there's still the possibility of creating something that consumes less system resources yet has the ability to give a lot of features by default.

Forgive me for dragging you along this far into the post but I just wanted to give you one of the most popular reasons for the existence of an amazing music player that's written in GTK2 tool-kit called Gnome music player client (GMPC).

When loaded with thousands of audio files into the libraries where few other "popular" music players consume some decent amount of RAM from your GNU/Linux Laptop/PC, but GMPC does the same "task/s" yet it needs few times lesser amounts of system resources, which is quite impressive!.

And remember, as I said before, GMPC is a fully featured music player, not something that has very little options thus resulting in a such a phenomenon :).

Main features...

*. Playlist support.

*. Manage huge music libraries with as little PC resources as possible.

*. Supports a huge list of plugins such as alarm, album view, AWN applet, dynamic playlist,, libnotify, lirc, Wikipedia data fetching, etc.

*. Few built in "views".

*. Edit audio "tags".

*. support (including album/artist, etc information fetching).

*. Search for your favorite music with ease.

*. Not just for GNU/Linux actually, it's a cross-platform application that can also be run in MS Windows, Solaris and Mac OSX as well.

If you want to install Gnome Music Player Client in Ubuntu 11.04 (should work for 10.10/10.04), then simply open your Terminal and issue the below command.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gmpc-trunk/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install gmpc

sudo apt-get install gmpc-last-fm
As said before, GMPC comes with a huge list of packages by default. So other than installing one by one, just enter the below command which should install all the available packages.
sudo apt-get install gmpc-plugins

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