Install Fatrat Download Manager in Ubuntu Linux

There are many download managers for GNU/Linux, some comes with powerful features while others are just simple "versions" of their powerful counterparts. As I've said before, when considering both KDE and Gnome desktop environments they have some fundamental difference which were visible from the beginning.

For instance an application that is written in Qt toolkit will most probably comes with a lot of features (options/menus, etc) by default. While an app that's written in GTK+ (the toolkit that Gnome "fans" use) most of the time will drift towards being simple (most of the time, notoriously simple).

Now let me come back to the story. Fatrat download manager is written in Qt and C++ thus as can be "guessed" it comes with impressive amount of features by default!. It's not just another FTP/HTTP download manager... it even lets you download you Torrents as well.

Not just "another" download manager!...

Below are few of its main features...

*. FTP downloading and uploading support.

*. HTTP support.

*. Bittorrent support (create torrents!, enable/disable torrent encryption, etc).

*. Lot of Rapidshare related downloading features.

*. Clipboard monitor (automatically grabs URL when you click and copy them).

*. Remote control support.

*. Schedule downloads.

*. RAR/ZIP uploading and many more!.

It's available for many GNU/Linux distributions by default. But for all you Ubuntu geeks ;), you can easily install Fatrat by entering the below command in your Terminal (should work in 10.04/10.10 and 11.04 as well).
sudo apt-get install fatrat


அகிலன்(Akilan) said...

There is no scheduler in my installation in natty!

Anonymous said...

@Akilan: u can use GSHUTDOWN ..

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