Introducing the Chromeflow, Steadyflow Extension for Your Chromium Web Browser

Although, all the major web browsers have excellent features when it comes to web browsing but they all seem to overlook the importance of a powerful built in download manager. If that's the case and you're a Chrome/Chromium web browser fan, then you could try the newly introduced extension (which uses the Steadyflow as the "engine") called Chromeflow.

But I haven't tried it since I don't use Chrome/Chromium, but when looking at the screenshot below and I use the Seadyflow... remember you may not be getting a much better download manager than the one that your web browser comes by default, most probably.

As can be guessed, it's available as an add-on (with the ".crx" extension) for the Chrome browser. For downloading and installing, please visit this official launchpad page


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