RocketDock, An Excellent Application Dock for Microsoft Windows!

OK, let's get real guys. I brag about GNU/Linux, but in truth I do use Microsoft Windows (XP actually), heavily (hope you guys wouldn't execute me :P). I have never used Apple's Mac OS neither the OSX. But I've seen how cute that dock behaves and since you can customize the Gnome panel to behave like a dock (without those fancy effects and some options) or can easily install a dedicated dock in GNU/Linux.

With Microsoft Windows the "free" apps are bit harder to find. Although in my search for an application dock I did come up with a few, but RocketDock is one of the best free ones that I've come up with so far (if you have a better one, please share).

I've used a commercial dock before but when comparing with the RocketDock, I gotta say... if you have a slower PC then seriously RocketDock just Rocks!.

Minimum hardware requirements...

*. 500Mhz CPU speed.

*. 10MB of HDD space.

*. Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista and 7.


*. Dock/minimize running windows to the dock (another thing that previously mentioned "Gnome-panel dock" can't do).

*. Live updated previews (vista only, for instance, say that you minimized a file copying dialog to the dock, then you can still see a small live preview of the percentage of copying process!, pretty useful).

*. Easily add/remove applications and folder shortcuts by drag-n-drop.

*. Auto hide.

*. Various effects.

*. Change size, change colors and few themes.

*. Add-on support. 

*. Lot of other customizations are available.

So if you want to give it a try, then download it from here. Enjoy!.

RocketDock in action ...

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