Blogger Launched the "+1 Button" Feature!, How To Add it To Your Blog?

Would you trust a total stranger's opinions or the one from your friends??, it's usually friends, right?. I think it was Matt Cutts who said something that means exactly that, but from a search engine's point of view:- "search results aren't just about relevancy they're also about preference" when Google first launched their "+1 button" feature few months ago.

What basically happens is that, whenever you search for something in Google (more and more in the future), say about "Ubuntu Tablet" :) then unlike in the past, if one or few of your Google buddies have already recommended it using this "+1 button" feature, then the big G will change their search results listings for you and may/will include the most recommend link using information gathered using the "+1 button which resembles the preference of your friends.

Although Google only has the authority over user preference "gatherings" within their services such as Gmail chat-buddies, etc yet other anonymous "votes" will also be used. They said that they'll be implementing the "+1 button" slowly... as a result, it took almost three months to the blogger team to finally enable it in posts in Blogger platform

The "Button" in action!... :)
The "+1 button" is automatically integrated into the usual "Share Buttons" in Blogger posts (usually at the end of your posts, if you haven't manually changed the location). So if you want to make sure it's added by default, then make sure you've enabled the "Share Buttons" in Blogger.

To do that,

1. Log-in to your Blogger Account.

2. Go to your Blog and click "Design".

3. Find your "Blog Post" widget (as shown below), click on the "Edit" button and make sure you've "checked" the "Show Share Buttons". That's how you add 1+ button in Blogger!.

Oh, btw, while you're logged in, when you browse your own posts, the "+1 button" is automatically hidden form you, obviously :).

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