How To Install MPlayer in Fedora Core 15?

MPlayer is one  of the best multimedia players ever written for GNU/Linux (yep it's also available for MS windows and Mac OSX, etc). The most powerful part of MPlayer is actually the command line version which you can start by entering "mplayer" in your Terminal once installed.

There is actually nothing that you cannot do with MPlayer. Do you want to correct audio/video syncing issues? or subtitle loading issues?, adding several effects to enhance both audio and video files, etc... it is pretty darn amazing.

But the sad thing is that since it's a command-line based one... almost all of those are hidden in the official GUI version, which is basically a small representation of the what the actual/underline command-line "engine" is capable of.

Anyhow, after installing Fedora Core 15 (with the Gnome3 desktop, hurray!, or maybe not :/ ) you can use the easylife app, which is basically a graphical front-end for installing almost any proprietary under FC... but if you want the old school approach of starting your Terminal and entering command, well lets do it in your way then :).

If you haven't done already, then lets first enable the RPMFusion repository which gives you a lot of the proprietary software pre-builds for Fedora Core. To do that, open your Terminal and enter the below command.
su -c 'yum localinstall --nogpgcheck'

Now let's use "yum" and install MPlayer (including the GUI) in Fedora Core 15.
yum install mplayer-gui
That's should do it, enjoy!. 


Anonymous said...

thanks, works fine!.

Gayan said...


You are welcome :)...

Anonymous said...

Why do I wind up sitting at a > prompt with no functionality after this command?

Gayan said...

@ Anonymous,

After entering which command (the first one with the "su -c" or the second one??)

If you're having troubles entering the whole "su -c" command which sometimes can occur due to "spaces" while copying, etc thus in that case,

just use the below commands...

su yum localinstall --nogpgcheck

And then then next below...

yum localinstall --nogpgcheck

Then use the second command in the post to install mplayer (ahh, finally :D).

OR you can also use the below method as well.

First just copy and past the below URL in your Web browsers URL field in Fedora 15

This should openup the package manager and just follow the on screen instructions.

Then do the same with the below URL as well

Now use the second command in the post to finish things up. Hope this helped.

Ellen G. said...

amazing toturial for noobs like me.

Thank you!

Gayan said...

@Ellen G,

You are welcome :).

Anonymous said...

Interesting behaviour. After successfully running both commands and I type 'mplayer' to run, it tells me

[root@localhost crazywizard]# mplayer
bash: mplayer: command not found...
Install package 'mplayer' to provide command 'mplayer'? [N/y]

on Y, it does the install and now I have mplayer.!

Gayan said...


Hmm, it's indeed is strange. But now you have "mplayer" at the end anyway ;-).

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