How to Install Yakito in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal ? (A Cross-Platform Multimedia Converter)

Yakito is an interesting little tool for converting multimedia files in GNU/Linux. Although the application itself is not an encoding "engine" because it relies on the FFMPEG and JAVE projects to get things done yet I think the developer has done a pretty decent job of giving the users an easy to use, powerful multimedia converter nonetheless.

To make things much more easier, Yakito comes with predefined presets that let you easily convert a file for a give device such as Xbox, HTC Desire, iPod, etc as well. You can add create a list of multimedia files that need to be converted into its main window and start converting.

Main features...

*. As mentioned before, it's based on FFMPEG mainly thus you can convert between almost all the popular codecs.

*. You can either choose to extract audio/video files within the container format or convert them or can simply disable them.

*. Change audio or video codecs.

*. Set bitrate depending on your needs.

*. Change FPS, compression levels.

*. Re-Size video resolution. Although you cannot crop videos currently with it which is very handy while preserving that bitrate/file size but lets hope that the cool Yakito developers would add it in the future.

*. Amplify audio (audio gain).

Although for this example I used Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal but you can install Yakito in other GNU/Linux distributions by using the below procedure.

1. First download the ".sh" shell script from here.

2. Then go to that downloaded location/folder in your Terminal and enter the below command (replace the text in "Red" with your downloaded version).
chmod +x
3. Then again enter the next command (this time also replace the text in "Red" with your version).
sudo ./
That should do it. The developers have even created a video guide on how to install it ... so here it goes. Enjoy!.

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