Roboform 7.3.2 is Released! (Added Support for Firefox 5)

For those of you who haven't heard... Roboform is one of the best and a highly secure way to save your online (including offline programs as well) passwords and log-in information. For instance, if you usually have a lot of passwords or user account information to be memorized (and keep "adding" as time goes on) which is not the most easiest nor the interesting thing in the world then you can use software like Roboform to do it automatically for you.

Not just keeping the log-in information but Roboform also has the ability to auto-fill the data (like forms) too. For instance, when you save a log-in information in Roboform and the next time you click on that specific account name, Roboform will automatically open your web browser and go to the appropriate URL + it'll automatically fill and automatically log-in for you... so you don't actually have to anything at all :). 

Although currently it's only for MS Windows and Mac OSX users, etc but with the help of the Lite standalone add-on which saves the information in their online servers (Cloud storage), encrypted... you can use it without depending on your Operating system since it runs on top of your Web Browser!.

Main features...

*. As said, it automatically fills the data for you  (not just passwords and log-in names but it can auto fill others such as names, address, postal codecs, etc).

*. Store those sensitive data in your Local HDD or other storage OR store them in their cloud space thus giving you the ability to use it from any PC (in any location).

*. Has a separate portable version (handy while running through your USB, etc).

*. Supports a lot of platforms - MS Windows, Mac OSX, Android, Blackberry and iPad/iPhone (iOS actually).

Also works in the "Cloud" too...

*. Browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera and IE are supported.

*. Save and restore log-in data.

*. Delete/add or categorize the passwords/log-in data.

*. Add itself to the right-click menu.

*. Also has the ability to remember local program passwords, etc.

*. Not free (other than the previously mentioned "Lite add-on") but they give you a fare trial period nonetheless.

*. Add master password to the program itself ... are just a few of its main features to mention.

Anyhow, the problem we're having as users is that both Google Chrome and Firefox are releasing new versions of their web browser in a rapid release cycle thus most of the time when you upgrade the web browser, Roboform may not work. This was the case with the previous version which only supported Firefox up to the version 4. But if you've installed or upgraded to the Firefox 5 then you'll notice that Roboform does not work!.

Luckily they've released a new version of the Roboform which makes it now 7.3.2 and the Firefox 5 support is finally added. So if you're having troubles trying to figure-out how to make Roboform work with Firefox 5, then simply go to this page and download the latest version and install it... which should fix that annoying "issue" (including some bug fixes, etc). Good luck.

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