Ubuntu One Music App for iPhone is Released!

I certainly don't like it at all but Cloud computing maybe the inevitable (maybe, Gayan?, seriously! :D). Although In a way I think that just like GNU/Linux has done, somewhat "protected" her users in the "real world", the only way for us geeks to survive (with our believe systems of course) in this virtual but real inevitability, maybe, just maybe perhaps by letting GNU/Linux and Open-source software in general taking control of the cloud-world.

Although not everyone trusts Ubuntu these days, but from a certain time, Canonical has been very serious about their Ubuntu One (which is their version of the open-source cloud model) product module and its behavior. Although they had a dedicated app for the Android "crowd" for sometime now but...

... since Apple is seemingly becoming powerful day by day, they too introduced their version of Cloud computing model called iCloud recently, it's about time that Ubuntu One has finally decided to make an app that lets Apple "i-geeks" :) to interact with the Ubuntu One Music account.

Few days ago they officially announced its availability and yes, it's finally here!. So basically you'll be getting 30 days of trial period in which you'll be give 20GB of cloud storage which you can use to listen, store/sync your audio files (of certain types of course) between Ubuntu One Music account and iPhone.

It's free right?

Well, the application is free but after the initial 30 days of trial period, you'll have to pay a monthly charge of $3.99. This is not a criticism since giving away 20GB storage for free doesn't make any sense, nor it'll survive if it has no way to cover its expenses as anyone can see. And the Ubuntu One Music account lets you deal with MP3, Ogg Vorbis and non-DRM iTunes.

Although not everyone would like it but I think almost all of us GNU/Linux geeks just love the fact that Ubuntu respectively filter-out the DRM "license" which as said, it's better to be in the cloud still retaining some of the original ideas that took us this far rather than live outside of it and be miserable (or maybe not :D).

Main features...

*. It only supports music streaming over Wi-Fi or 3G (of course).

*. MP3, Ogg Vorbis and non-DRM iTunes files are supported.

*. Supports iOS 3.1 or higher.

*. Automatic playback resume (if it was interrupted, say due to a call).

*. 30 days of "fun time", $3.99 afterwards (each month that is :D). 

*. Shuffle and repeat ... are just a few to mention.

You can get the app from both this Ubuntu One Music page or from this Apple iTunes app store page. Good luck.

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