Ubuntu One Files - The Official Android App for Ubuntu Cloud!

Some actually kinda like the idea of cloud computing but every time I heard about it... it makes me feel a bit scared :/. I really don't like the idea of storing my personal files in someone else's server. It doesn't matter anymore whether the cloud computing or the storage, etc strategies are risky ... many people have accepted that thus the rest is give a very little chance resist or to go with the flow which is a bit sad.

But, if you happened to be quite fond of the idea of computer Cloud and use both Android OS and Ubuntu ... then you'll be glad to hear that Canonical has just released their first ever Ubuntu one App for Android OS called "Ubuntu One Files!". 

Main features...

*. It's completely free to begin with :D.

*. Now you can send any file in your Android device to the Ubuntu One account with ease.

*. Upload/download/delete or rename files within the Ubuntu One cloud.

*. Create folders from the app. 

*. Share the URL of your chosen files.

*. You can set-up this application to automatically send the pictures once taken directly from the Android phone to the Ubuntu One account!.

*. Easy sharing you files with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Picasa, and in your blog if you have one.

*. You need to have Android 2.1 or higher (Honeycomb is supported :D). 

We really have to appreciate the attempts by Ubuntu concerning the future. Because unlike many other Linux distributions (well as said... they have their reasons which I find to be quite reasonable) Ubuntu is doing their best to integrate their Operating system with the "future".

Although the original idea which came from the hackers of the "GNU/Linux" philosophy will eventually be "lost" from Ubuntu since the person that's leading them is not actually a hacker. Anyhow, other than few (including me), the majority does not care about the "philosophy" because a computer is merely a computer for them rather than an identity.

Anyway, well done Ubuntu. You can get the app from this Android market page. If you're a developer then you can obtain the source code from this Launchpad page but it's not available, yet.

Note: (although I highly doubt it but Mr. Mark, if you happen to read this post, it wasn't a judgment, I do respect you for who you are, your believes included... :)).

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