Google Has Officially Released the Android 3.1!

Although it has been several months since we saw the first ever Android Honeycomb (version 3.0) Tablet, the Motorola Zoom, few hours ago Google officially announced the latest update to the Android OS which is 3.1. And in comparison with the version 3.0, this does bring some big improvements.

For instance, unlike with Honeycomb 3.0... this update makes sure to let users have the ability to run a Bluetooth mouse in addition to the multi-touch feature which is quite useful. Although touchscreens can be cool, but as with Laptops... the Mouse is still quite Tempting :) and certainly help to make precise movements as well.

According to the official release page, there are other few enhancements such as...

*. Enhanced UI transitions - For instance, Google says that, starting with navigation, better color choices, improved accessibility and importantly fancy animations such as the launcher app is now optimized and does its transitions faster than ever.

The "better" home screen in Android 3.1...

*. Better USB support - Just like with Windows XP and up, whenever you plug in a USB device the OS automatically gives you a list of apps that are most suitable for opening the content of that USB device. If it cannot find one, then you'll be greeted with a URL for searching an app online.

*. External Keyboards and Mouse support - As mentioned earlier, by default now Android 3.1 supports a lot of different types of input devices (Keyboards, Mouse, etc), so you can still enjoy using your "old" mouse.

*. Joysticks and Gamepads - This should be apparent actually. When we see dual core processors in Android phones, it does tell us the "powerful" future the Tablets gonna have for them in the future. So, in the future, we'll see a lot of 3D games for Android Honeycomb as a result. And the 3.1 brings a lot of additional devices to its list... which is a pretty smart move by the big G nonetheless.

*. Better Wi-Fi - From now on, you'll have the most secure (well according to the developers anyway) Wi-Fi connections + some minor bug fixes which result in faster connections as well.

Again, these are just a few of the main features the 3.1 brings but the biggest drawback is yet to come.

Unlike with Apple, where, they make sure to let all the users have the ability to update to the newest version as soon as they release it, with Android, even though they've made this available, yet according to sources, it seems that it will take at least another month for the current Honeycomb users to "experience" these new features, which is quite annoying. 

So let's hope that in the future, Google would make sure to let everyone who eager to get their hands on the new OS as soon as it hits the downloads.

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It would be awesome to have a list of all devices that use Android 3.1 ^-^

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