Advanced File Copy Utility for Windows: TeraCopy

By default "Explorer" is the one behind all your file management (including managing the desktop, etc) in MS Windows operating system. Over the years it has evolved really well thus in comparing with the Windows 98-XP explorer, now we have a pretty simplified, efficient and robust file management utility for the MS Windows "lovers" ;-).

Anyhow, concerning the file copying starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft added few enhancements to the file copying dialog such as showing the current transfer speed for instance (not the most useful features of all but). Still if you usually deal with a lot of file  copy/move activities daily then wouldn't it be nice if you could find a dedicated utility that gives you a lot of control-ability under those situations?.

For instance, lets say that you were moving a folder with thousands of image files within the same HDD and at the middle of this "activity" realized that you wanted something urgent (say, to open the web-browser and log-into Facebok, kidding) that would take reasonable amount of disk activity, then you either have to wait till Windows moves the files Or if you have to cancel it!.

But what if we could just "Pause" the file move temporarily and "Resume" it later!. So if you have those kind of special needs (you never know when you're gonna need one), in that sense, if you want an excellent, free utility (although they do have a paid version too), then I came across this one called TeraCopy few years ago and have been using it a lot lately, because it's awesome! :D.

Main features...

*. Copy/Move/Delete files.

*. Integrates into the Windows Explorer and "registers" it self as the default file copy/move handler.

*. Add files to a list: It's like a playlist. You can add any amount of files into the list and then later copy/move them all at once where with Windows you'll have to manually copy->paste each one (although most of the time you'll have to wait till one of few process are close otherwise it'll slow down the computer) ... but now you can just drag-n-drop into the TeraCopy window while it's busy copying others!.

*. Verify: Check for the integrity of your  file by using their CRC (cyclic redundancy check, a file-integrity error handling method).

*. Shutdown: You can tell TeraCopy to automatically shutdown your PC after the file copying is over.

*. When set, it can also automatically un-mount/eject drives.

*. Skip copying files in the list (only for the paid version).

*. Enhanced error handling: If you have a file that's unreadable, then before giving up TeraCopy will try for few times + even if it fails to copy it it won't terminate the whole process thus continue with others as nothing happened :D.

*. Pause and Resume (as explained above, you can simply interrupt the copy/move activities any time you want and resume them later!).

These are just few of the main features. Another thing, when you copy or move a file in MS Windows, if the file didn't copy 100% (say an error occurred) then Windows will automatically delete the file. But TerCopy will make sure to keep the portion of the file.

Now this may not be always be helpful, but it can be pretty handy sometimes. Say that you copied a movie almost to its end (98%) but an error occurred towards the very end of the file, still by using TeraCopy, not only it'll keep that file but we should be able to watch it afterward (means the almost full movie since towards the end there's nothing but the boring "credits" ;-).

Anyhow, if interested, you can get it from TeraCopy home page and if you want few additional features, then you can get the full paid version as well. But for most of us, the free version is more than enough.

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