Amazon Cloud Player!, Play "Amazon Music" Within Your Browser!

Few days ago Amazon launched their app store for Android devices. Now the latest news is that, if you already have an Amazon account, then you're automatically eligible for a cloud space (online HDD space) of 5GB, for free!. If you want more then you'll have to choose a paying "option" which allows you to have as large as 1000GB.

How does the Amazon Cloud player work?

After launching the cloud drive, Amazon launched another very cool feature called Cloud player. Let's say after purchasing mp3 files from Amazon, now you can download to your HDD or choose to store it in the Amazon cloud drive and with the help of their online music player which is run directly on their servers thus without depending on the user's OS platform (whether you're using android, Linux, Mac OSX, etc), you can play your music directly through the new Cloud player interface via your Web browser!.

Although you can store all sorts of things in the cloud drive such as images, videos, music, etc currently the player only supports mp3 only. The interface of the player is a bit similar to Banshee or Rhythmbox for instance and comes with fully supported functions such as...

*. Play/pause, stop....

*. Album management.

*. Deleting.

*. Mp3 tag editing.

*. Volume level changing.

*. Playlist management.

*. Downloading to local drives.

*. Purchasing mp3 from Amazon (of course).

So, since the player has nothing to do with your OS, no matter what is your platform, you can upload your favorite music to Amazon and play it one the go with ease!.


boynas said...

Sorry, it doesn't support linux.. I guess that is a little dependant in OS after all, just like Netflix.

Gayan said...

Thanks boynas... updated the post straightaway ;-)

Anonymous said...

FWIW, I use Linux (Fedora 14/x86_64) and the cloud player works perfectly. It uses Flash, so you need to have Adobe's Flash player installed in your browser.

Gayan said...

Thanks... did another update to the post :)

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