Download Skype 2.2 (Beta) for GNU Linux!

Well, until GNU beats Microsoft or anyone with dominance over our "heads" :P, we really can't ignore Skype. Although there are excellent alternatives for those who simply hate Skype for what it is based upon. But yet, how can we ignore the girlfriend/s ;-) or anyone who are close to us at the other end hanging on Skype waiting to hear our voice!.

Long time, no see!... :)

Skype haven't been treating Linux with a lot of respect which is understandable (as mention before.. it is still a bit "unnoticed" by many) and took a long time to come up with this "new" beta version (almost 18 months!). But be aware of the fact that Skype is written using Qt rather than GTK.

So, if you're crazy about your choices and want everything to be GTK based, then you're gonna have to bear that "issue" as well (Love is powerful than Pride... a name of a song, was it ?).

Here are the requirements that you need to successfully use the Skype 2.2 beta version on your Linux powered PC...

*. 1Ghz processor.

*. 256 MB RAM.

*. 100MB of free HDD space.

*. Faster internet connection (GPRS is disabled for voice calls).

*. Video card driver with Xv driver support.

*. Qt 4.4.0 • D-Bus 1.0.0 (only a software requirement).

*. Web-camera (optional).

So, if you have all these requirements and want to install the Skype 2.2 in Ubuntu. Then first download the .deb package from here and double click it and you can easily install it using the "software center".

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