GRUB2 Bootloader Editor, Another Powerful Bootloader Editor for KDE!

Now I did post about another GRUB editor that can be used in Ubuntu but it was more drifted towards Gnome desktop. But to be fare to all the KDE geeks out there I though posting another editor (actually a KCModule - standard method for integrating various programs configuration options to KDE desktop) called the GRUB2 Bootloader Editor.

Now being a KDE based app, when comparing with the previous Gnome oriented application, you can see the difference. The G2BE comes with a lots of features which enables the users to completely change the way Grub boot loader operates.

*. Change the color of the Background/Foreground or make them transparent.

*. Apply different types of themes for GRUB.

*. Change the default screen resolution.

*. Time-out settings.

*. Change the Distribution names, etc... are just a few to name.

If you want to know how to install it in your GNU/Linux distribution, please visit this page. Enjoy!.

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