Install Super Boot Manager In Ubuntu (11.04/10.10) - Advanced Boot Loader Configurator!

For this we really can't blame GNU/Linux because when it comes to changing your boot loader (GRUB, etc) related things... Microsoft Windows doesn't even let you do things that your Linux Laptop/PC can do by default. And, even without any tools at all, if you know a little bit about GNU/Linux, still you can do few tweaks for LiLo or Grub boot-loaders as well.

But for newbies + more experienced users, if you want to do thing such as below with ease, then ...

*. Install/Uninstall Grub.

*. Change the default OS.

*. Menu Time-out and resolution changing.

*. Set background pictures/colors.

Although the above mentioned customizations are for Grub alone, but with Super Boot Manager you can customize other boot loader such as BURG and Red Hat's Playmouth related settings since it comes with 3 modules.

So depending on whether you have Grub/Burg or Playmoth, just use what suits you.

In Ubuntu 11.04/10.10 and 10.04, you can install Super Boot Manager by entering the below command.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa: ingalex/super-boot-manager
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install super-boot-manager 

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