PowerAMP - A Powerful Music Player for Your Android OS!

Unlike many other mobile operating systems (especially iOS), Android for some reason ain't the best of its kind when it comes to dealing with multimedia files. From a fully featured, powerful OS to easy to use GUI... open-source framework, etc... it's all good, except for some of the issues while playing certain kinds of multimedia files.

But as the case with open-source or GNU software, there aren't any shortage of available applications nonetheless. So, if for some reason you don't like your current music player in your Android phone or Tablet, then go to the market place and search for "something" that suits your needs the most.

In that sense, if you're willing to spend few bucks ($5 actually) there is an excellent music player for Android called PowerAMP!. It comes with a simplified interface which is very easy "understand" and lot of other useful features such as ...

*. A 10-band Equalizer.

*. User friendly buttons.

*. Plays a number of audio formats by default such as:  mp3, mp4/m4a, alac, ogg, wma, flac, wav, ape, wv, and tta.

*. Adjust bass and treble separately (other than using the above mentioned Equalizer).

*. Automatic album art downloading.

*. Few different themes.

*. Tag editor.

*. Search for files with ease.

*. Android OS version must be 2.1 or higher.  

But the only drawback is, you cannot listen to any podcasts with it.

But the rest assured this is a pretty powerful player nonetheless. Although you don't have to purchase it first, they do let you download a trial which can be obtained from this market page. If you find it to be quite useful, then you can pay the "price" afterward :).

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