Elementary OS Website Hits the First 1000 Registered Users Within a Month!

If you create something pretty cool and useful (won't have to be necessarily "unique", if it really exists) then people will know and talk about it. In a post that was published today, the developers of the awesome Elementary Operating System (a derivative of Ubuntu Linux OS) said that within a month after they switched into their new website, they now have approximately 1000 registered users!.

For a brand new website, that's about 30 unique registrations per-day (actually it's 33, no wonder why I suck at maths :/), that is impressive. If you're familiar with their OS or their work in general, this is actually not something to be surprised about either.

The original "Elementary" project was hosted as a Launchpad page which was started (as far as I know) for giving the Ubuntu users some pretty cool art-work "experience" because apart from all those great things about Ubuntu Linux, you gotta admit, they have chosen the worst colors for their branding.

Although I kinda like the ones with the recent version of Ambince theme but still they had chosen, somewhat the "wrong" colors from the beginning. And thanks to that, pretty quickly the Elementary team's awesome artwork got popular like CrAzY among the Ubuntu users ;-).

But the artwork wasn't the only one of their intentions since they did create (still create new ones for the Upcoming Luna version) few applications such as a more simpler version of the Nautilus file manager,  Marlin (a web browser), Beatbox (music player currently developing), Postler (an e-mail client), Slingshot (an application launcher), Dexter (an easy to use address-box) and of course the Elementary theme ... are just a few to mention.

As you can see, they have their own applications which follow a philosophy of their own which was expressed quite thoughtfully in a recent post by Jamie White (one of the developers) by saying...
Just by saying “elementary project” I feel I’m cheating you out of some of the scope of the movement. And that is what it is; a movement, a philosophy, an art form. And so it is that its comprising parts are equally examples in art as well as end-user satisfaction, they please the eye and serve a purpose.
Although the first release of the Elementary GNU/Linux OS took its time (came a bit delayed) but a lot of users (including me) are really excited about the upcoming Luna release since it brings some major enhancements such as the above mentioned "Slingshot" and other new apps into the action.

Anyhow I'd like to "use" this post as a gratitude to the cool Elementary Dudes and Dudees (if there are any ;-)) you've created an OS that seems to carry an interesting philosophy which I think is the main reason for this success. According to their own words... when it comes to satisfying the users, you gotta "satisfy" both eye and the actual, "practical purpose" and they're doing it extremely well at the moment, because the "numbers" say it all. Awesome work dudes and good luck :).

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