Redo Backup and Recovery - The Ultimate HDD Data Restoring utility for both GNU/Linux and MS Windows!

Now when it comes to making HDD backups or image backups which lets you completely restore your entire OS within minutes... well Norton Ghost is a pretty good one to mention (although now there are much better ones as well). But I think its about time that we talk about something that is much more powerful, for a change ;-).

It's called Redo Backup and Restore!. It's an OS independent application (in a way) and can be installed into a CD/DVD or USB thus giving you a graphical boot-able environment. It's an advanced "HDD utility" and is actually a more than just another "standard backup tool" because it lets you do things like...

*. Very user friendly GUI.

*. Take partition or entire HDD backups.

*. Perform advanced tasks such as HDD partition resizing, checking for errors, change mount-points, encrypt volumes, benchmark testing, etc.

*. Restore/backup data to local HDD or network drives.

*. Comes with the Firefox web browser (in a Google Chrome type interface, skin actually) by using it you can browse the web (obviously :P) and search for missing drivers or troubleshooting tips for you PC, etc which can be extremely useful.  

*. Change the appearance of the GUI (it feels like an entire OS).

*. Comes with few other tools such as a file recover application, file browser (thunar) for manually copying files you want into a CD or a USB, network drive, heck it even comes with a Terminal emulator (which is useful if you want to run a grub-boot-loader related commands from the installed GNU/Linux SO or launching other commands, etc), text file editor, image viewer, etc.

System Requirements...

*. Intel/AMD CPU.

*. 512MB of RAM (although you can run it in lower RAM PCs too).

Remember, you can't burn the ISO image directly to a USB drive. First you'll have to make a LiveCD (by burning it into a CD) and then boot-into "Redo" and from the main menu icon choose : "Administration" - "Create Bootable USB" and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Seriously!, what else they're missing :D. As said, it's an OS independent utility, although you can make backups or MS Windows and GNU/Linux files systems only (no Mac OSX support, yet, I guess ;-)). You can download the latest version 1.0 from this page.

And finally I'd like to give a big thank you for the developers, it's not just that they've created something excellent and robust but it's completely free and released under the GNU/GPL license too!. So, to everyone who particitaped in creating this amazing utility called Redo Backup & Restore, thank you.

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