KeePassX: Best (free) Password Manager for Ubuntu (GNU/Linux)!

Not that long ago... all I had for my online accounts was my primary e-mail account and, well, I think that was it actually!. But these days I have a lot of online accounts, stored in my PC (I arrogantly refuse to store them using apps like Dropbox, 'cause I feel threatened by the idea of the Cloud computing :D) but I do make sure to keep then encrypted nonetheless.

While using the MS Windows I use the excellent Roboform utility which basically saves a hell lot of typing + "time", sadly you cannot use it installed in your local HDD if you want to use it under GNU/Linux (you'll have to use the appropriate web browser addon + store the account details in their Cloud-database, don't know about you, but apparently I ain't gonna do that either!).

But then again Roboform is a proprietary software apart from its excellent usage. So, if you've been searching for a open-source, cross-platform utility to safely store all of your (both online and offline) accounts details such as user names, passwords, web site URL, etc in local storage locations + that can be used in Ubuntu (GNU/Linux) and other operating systems as well.

Then KeePassX is certainly one of the best of its kind without a doubt!.

Big thanks goes to Stevan Harms because it was from him that I heard about it for the first time (interestingly he and I have extremely "close" website titles, but since he's been blogging a long time before me, it should be me who copied first!, lol)...
Main features...

*. Add/Remove accounts and arrange them in groups (such as E-mails, Internet, etc).

*. The database is encrypted by default using AES and Twofish algorithms, thus highly secure. 

*. Import/Export the database (XML, PWM and KDE's Kwallet data-bases are also supported.

*. Password Generator:

By using this simple built in feature, you can easily generate a highly secure (hard to crack) password within seconds!.

Apparently, it generates highly secured passwords that also don't make any sense :P...
*. Open URLs:

For instance, say that you saved your G-mail account (with the proper URL) in KeePassX, then you can just right-click on it and choose to open that Gmail URL directly from the KeePassX.

*. Auto Fill:
After opening the URL, then select "Perform AutoType" and it'll automatically fill-in the details for ya...
Once you've open the URL you can either type the user account details or simply copy and paste from the KeePassX window OR there's a new feature called "Perform AutoType" which will automatically fill your data for you!.

*. Add a master password + a separate "Key" (which is optional):

If you go with both of them enabled, then every time you open a database, you'll have to enter the master password + will have to load the "key". Using them both means better security but can be a bit of a hassle too.

If you have a powerful master password, then I think it's pretty much safe to ignore "key". It's your choice.

*. Run in the system Tray area.

*. Clear clip-board automatically (you can manually assign the time-frame).

*. Custom browser command:

After installing, KeePassX fails to launch your web browser when you click on "Open URL", then you can manually assign the browser command by using this feature.

*. Make passwords expire automatically... these just a very few of KeePassX main features to mention.

Settings window...
You can install KeePassX in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 11.10, 10.10 and 10.04 by using the below command in your Terminal window.
sudo apt-get install keepassx
So, if you're searching for one of the best and extreamely user friendly password manager for Ubuntu or GNU/Linux in general, then KeePassX is an excellent little tool, don't you think?. Enjoy.

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