Battery Calibration - An App for Android Mobile Phones

I've talked about battery calibration in general terms before. But as an introductions I'll give a brief description nonetheless. There are many types of batteries are in use in various electronic devices nowadays but the most dominating type is called Li-ion. They can be seen in computers such as laptops, tablet PCs, netbooks to mobile phones and other popular devices.

But as the time goes on because of various reasons (explained in the previous article) they can lose the ability to store electronic charge. But interestingly, some types of batteries such as Li-ion can still be quite capable of storing 100% of the original capacity yet if you haven't taken care of them as you should (doing things like drying it to the lowest possible charge and then doing a full recharge now and then, etc)... then the battery will simply lose its ability to "remember" its actual capacity.

In most cases this can be fixed since the battery haven't lost the ability in physical terms (if it has, then it's un-fixable) but only "confused" because of the software installed inside the battery. The "recovery" method is called battery calibration. The process is quite simple and you can even do this without the help of any software most of the time as well.

All you have to do is fully charge the battery and then remove the power and let whatever the electronic device you use to run directly powered by the battery until it almost loses its charge. Then charge the battery 100% before switching it on.

Although it might sound simple, well it is, but with a battery of a mobile phone, usually you're better off with a dedicated application since drying the battery charge can take significant time (normally) otherwise. In that case, if you have an Android powered mobile phone type electronic unit and noticing "wrong" battery status... then it's about time that you do a battery calibration.

There is a dedicated application for that exact purpose which is free of charge and comes with highly recommended by the users as well. And unlike with many other OS... according to experts, it is recommended to do a battery calibration anyway after doing a ROM update/flashing in mobile operating systems in general.

In Android powered devices there is an application called "batterystatus.bin", inside the battery (".bin" is an executable extension like ".exe" in MS Windows) which has to be deleted and replaced to properly display your batteries real capacity. That's what this app does.

Main feature...

*. Since it's recommended that you charge it 100% and when done, the application (once installed) will give you a "beep" notifying that the battery is fully charged.

*. Displays the voltage information.

*. Requires Android 2.1 or higher.

*. Very small app - about 4.7k in size.

Well, that's about it. Now all you have to do is remove the power and let your Android device run using the battery (until it dries out completely) and the application will display information such as the remaining battery status, etc on your screen as well. You can get it from this Andorid market page. Good luck.

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